Aspergians, They Can’t Know What You Don’t Say…Or Write


I’ll end up like you

lost among the years

drowned in a pool of tears

and gagged by silent fears

How such accomplishments

could go overlooked

is a testament to the density of human will

to hide the healing truth

to bury the real fountain of youth

men desperate enough to kill

If you expect me to be stopped

by a glass ceiling

you’re expecting us

to have the strength of a fly

and while we may die

you’re going to hear what we have to say

because our works lay the path

for millions to follow

Children can grow up empowered

and dream of a better tomorrow

The greatest warriors

are the neighbors next door

and the desire to keep your mind free

is the holiest war

Silence one, and another hatches

from the egg of celestial intelligence

Born to spread truth

in the mire of malevolence

What we do may not receive credit

or win a Grammy award

but we do not work for accolades

instead, for the number of souls boarded

on the train of rebellion

as our country plunges into the darkest of days

We carry no sword

and we possess no shield

But through strength and courage

many followers we yield

Through centuries we pass

through valley, through sea

to bring all together

in eternity


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