Pain Inflicted On The Human Soul By Way Of Misunderstanding Us


 Brains mashed

from electrical buzzing

Radioactive stares

blind, and leave them humming

for the source of their pain

The strain

from muscles losing their grip

from an unfortunate reality

and the retina tears, and tears

causing loss of clarity

Their sweat would be like wine

if he knew how to taste

The tongue hastily ripped out

in the pain, so great

Organs turn on each other

in a cacophony of convulsive confusion

Fluids run out of every hole in steams

and as the whirring begins to sing

a fever pitch, yes

the body is near exploding

in an indescribable mess

You turned your backs

hitched our dreams to your railway tracks

Destroyed every last people, the first and last

Established your own order, as you pretended

to be the highest class

and now we’re beating your ass

to the punch, pedal to the metal

which you crafted into guns and killed your fellow

man, brother, and sister

you are lost in the chaos, but we missed him and her

Daily you delude

Gaily you include

all into your ways

even the most vile of acts

sure to cut short your days

Disconnected from our waves

you made your people slaves

and fed them nothing

but addiction and craze

We left you alone

to build up this home

but like a child, ignorant of his father

you destroyed it, and built your own altar

Time is but a circle

and yours is a break in the loop

Pulling out brains

from the root

and hitting restart

is the only way

to keep anymore

from being in the dark

You’ve pandered and panhandled

crushed and crusaded

broken and breaking

and now it’s our turn

to do the creating

but one species must die

for another to take courage

and fly

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