My Dreams Gossip More Than A High School Girl



but stunning

Shy around our crushes

but desperate for loving

You’d swear under any sun

that we have no role

but we don’t just play the lonely one

we have our passions, and we get on a roll

when we’re in our field

We take your stereotypes and stiff arm them

to glory in our inspiring and unique highlight reel

of ups and downs

of science, poetry, and baroque sounds

Einstein, Mozart, and me

outcasts, deemed regressive

by those too dense to understand our creativity

Not passive nor aggressive

we don’t call you out

but by our success, by our legend

we remove all doubt

You all are nothing but idiots

and your so called science

is confirmation of your defiance

towards the truth

Swing around your PHd’s and double D’s

and everyone is stuck to the screen

Like a high school girl

still trapped in youth

you convince the masses

of what fools know isn’t true



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