An Aspergian’s Thoughts On Wishes Versus Reality, A Constant In The Autistic Battleground


So I’m STILL not able to post comments on anyone’s sites. Could be a WordPress thing, because I’ve noticed my comments are WAYY down too. This is really frustrating…and are the paintings helping explain/illustrate the poem? If not, let me know in the comments (if you can)

Wishes or reality?

A war on two fronts

Trying to please you, trying to control me

and now I’m all broken up

Understand this much?

I can’t do both

The harder I push in either direction

my life goes broke

I can’t smile and be at every event

but I also can’t always stay home

and remind you of kitty liter scent

You may think it’s an easy choice

but how would you handle trying to please

two voices?

Two minds?

Two wills?

The shame in rejection

and the joy in fulfilling

what everyone said you couldn’t

And I wouldn’t

ever reject my Aspergian self

but sometimes, just for an hour

I have to put it on the shelf

Maybe not the voice of the party,

but certainly an accompanying wind

so that the show goes on

and goodwill is sent

The battle is waged

every day

and wage increases

every day

To fight

you need not sword nor shield

and degrees will not wield much force

in this dimension

To fight

you need a strong heart

and an open mind

 so truth you can love

and love you can find


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