Where This Aspergian Goes To Hide


As the blog grows, I’m hoping to expand my content a little and I wanted to ask you, the reader, what you want to see on my blog in the coming months..


is where you go to hide

but for me

it’s the closest thing to my mind


can see me, or hear me

and no one

can judge me, or hurt me

Too long

I’ve tried to be another

and misled by mothers

called fear, past, and pain

I lost sight of the goal

and forgot my name

Wandering through the desert

deserted by everything, including myself

believing I was finished

death’s verdict dealt

And just when I felt lost

when the flask of water had been tossed

I felt a second wind

a writers high

all the abuse

all the neglect

just fell away

With every word

my wings grew larger

and before long, I could fly

While I no longer

wish to die and all the like

I never forget

where I was

what I used to be

because while I hated it

the desert made me

molded me

and I’m a better me

because of it



12 thoughts on “Where This Aspergian Goes To Hide

  1. Continue to share glimpses of how a neuro-atypical person experiences and interacts with the world populated by many neuro-typical people who have no inkling how to relate, let alone be supportive of people who are ‘different’.
    I can relate to the free verse poetry form, partially due to living with a brain injury making me neuro-atypical, but others might learn more and hopefully develop greater empathy if you might try your hand at other types of writing. The power of the message shared through poetry is often lost when one tries to share a similar experience in an anecdotal format.
    I have seen young people do an about face once they begin to have their social blinders removed and begin to put their energy into gaining a clearer understanding of people who are ‘different’.
    Continue to share what you live.

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