Versatile Blogger Award: Thank you, Joanna Lynn


This weekend, I was nominated by the lovely Joanna Lynn for the Versatile Blogger Award. I appreciate her nominating me, because are so many blogs out there just as deserving, and her blog posts about faith and hope are encouraging as well as inspiring. You can read all her work, here at her blog:

The rules are simple:
Rule #1 – You must thank the person that nominated you for the award and then provide a link to their blog site.
Rule #2 – Nominate at least 10 bloggers of your choice and provide links to their blogs.
Rule #3 – Share 7 facts about yourself.

Seven facts about me:

  1. I volunteer for the Patterson Park Chapter of the Audubon Society in Baltimore City. There, I help run programs with other volunteers and help keep the park clean while informing others about making this planet more bird-friendly.
  2. My article, “Less Than Human?”, was published in the October 2016 issue for Teen Ink magazine.
  3. When I’m not writing poetry, I write about the Kansas City Chiefs for KCSportsNation
  4. I start at Mary’s Gourmet Coffee and Donuts this Friday (If you’re in the Cockeysville area, you should certainly stop by!)
  5. I’m a member of the Walters Art Museum Teen Art Council. We meet every Thursday from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. We discuss art and teen-related issues while creating fun and educational programming for teens, adults, and all visitors of the museum.
  6. The Accountant is my favorite movie, and Jennifer Lawrence is my favorite actress
  7.  Lecrae and Fall Out Boy or else…


I nominate




Your Corpse Bleeds The Whispers Of The Dark


The light flees

in the presence of the night

Shadows long, and winds light

with the whispers of the dark

In the midst of trees

do corpses bleed

winds heavy with gifts of gore

and whispers of the dark

The land runs a ruby red

and the few, beating souls dread

the messenger who speaks

in whispers of the dark

Clouds take eerie shapes

and harlequins lie in wait

to hunt, to feed the messenger

of the whispers in the dark

A torrential downpour

does the cascade of blood roar

as the white light is pillaged

in the whispers of the dark

And all around

there is no sound

but the whispers in the dark


I Take Your Equality And Stick It Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine


 I don’t believe you

and it’s not hard to see why

You all claim to be inclusive

but judging by your treatment of us in the classroom

it’s clear that’s another of your lies

Failing to teach to the strengths of all your students

you lose ones that struggle with forty peers

so nine to three becomes useless

and the threats on the stalls add to their fears

And how about friendships?

You’d rather have ten see-through, silicon barbie dolls

than two that tell you that the makeup isn’t helping

You’d rather rub your ego between the ears

and distance the one who really cares

but doesn’t show it

and gets left home the day of the fair

And the adults? You guys are full of sick shit

Date our girls just because they’re disabled

and capable of frisky things in bed

Curse your life, curse your genitals

and I hope you never wed

And some never get that chance

because they’re too emotional

too easily cracked

and in sensuality they might lack

but in common sense and honesty

they’re overflowing, along with creativity

and that’s damn good enough for me

The workplace isn’t any better than the previous two

and people are quick to turn on you

if you don’t “play the game”

We don’t play games, we don’t tell “little white lies”

(Lies aren’t tangible objects, so they have no color)

We are honest, we are direct

We’re to the point

A blank check

Our bluntness hurts

your tiny worlds of useless chatter

and IQ-lowering small talk

I wish it were small,

and didn’t go on for hours the way it does

when I don’t just get up and leave

And you can believe

that we’re just “rude”

along with the idea

that we’re always in a bad mood

Just another page in the trilogy

of these neurotypical crooks




Purging The Disdain Of Disability and Disorder, Even If I Die



Burn the people who hate you

burn them all

Their homes are dens of witches

Cut them off

Their children are the offspring of robots

Mangle every wire

Force fed through tyranny

lies, manipulations, and coagulation

of non-stop greed

but with fire and will

our people, hiding in the midst of crusades

will be freed

Burn the books

that say we are not good enough

The words are poison from vipers

united to drown out our sounds

Their institutions are whore houses

where big bosses come to play

We are children, we are adults

and we can live just as you claim “life” should be

In the dark they will be drowned

They don’t know what we do in the dark

the blueprint is just being laid

They don’t know what we say in the dark

with the muses we communicate

But in time, when the clock strikes three

we unleash war and lighting quick fatality

to your rules, to your ways

to “here’s what you should do on this day” and

“you can only join us if you act this way”

Life is for all

not just those who look you in the eye

not just those

who stay up all night

not just those

who have a different girl every day

Not just those

who always knew how to play

If I die tonight,

then let these words guide you

If I die tonight,

let their expectations

be their condemnation

If I die tonight,

be rigid, be painfully honest

It breaks up their small talk,

and destroys their chatter

If I die tonight,

write your book

your poem


the next planet

or Universe


the next masterpiece

Sing until they box your ears

Be your autistic, aspergian, rigid, socially struggling,

bad handshake giving, party pooper self

because to be you

is the greatest gift

and the deepest wound

they cannot heal


The Twelve Month Cycle Of Those Whose Legs Are Always Open


The virgins of January

and February

are all too eager to marry

And in March

the arch in their backs is noticeable

In April

they’re less able

and in May

they lay in bed most days

By June

expectancy is all too soon

and July

brings a new, pink room


demands a long list of responsibility

and September

ushers in tearful remembrance of solitude

October comes

but they’re not over it

and on the first day of November

when they’re still not slender

They’re back to being alone

by December

You Are The Ripple In My Lake Of Loneliness


Ships sleep in their docks

as the Harbor waters are still

A puzzle of little babies

all shimmering in their mothers glow

I toss a pebble in the waters

and the ripples, ever so faint

create something new

inside something established for so long

That ripple was you

always there, always ready

to jump into action

always there

to make me into something new

How something so small

can be so inspirational

is left to the muses themselves

but the beautiful change you caused in me

is left in me, forever to dwell

You are my pebble

in the lonely night

and the ripple

in my once unchanging life

What I do in the dark

is brought to light through you

and what I do under the sun

through you, is given to everyone

Something so still and subtle

can change my mind, burst my bubble

and make me fall into an epic of clarity

This chapter

begot from the opening of a heart

is nothing new

but the fact that I used to be alone

and easily faded in the dark

can become fiction, now with you

I love you, regardless of the name you may take

or the form you may present

Just keep the ripples going

long after my ascent


An Aspergian Suicide Turned Romance


Cold winds

blow over waters so deep

I try to reach for her soul

but she’s too deep

Betrayed and dismayed

at the life she was given

She tried to make her own

and found herself in prison

Trapped by boyfriend after boyfriend

who said they’d go to the ends with her

only to dump her

when they found she had Aspergers

Depression led to regression

and the cuts went deep

Hospital bills cut deep

into her father’s pockets

Lost at the mire his little princess was becoming

he turned to books, videos, and doctors

but was no less cunning

One day, while the family was away

she walked onto the balcony

It was windy that day

With one bare foot, she stepped onto the railing

and she closed her eyes

dreaming of flailing

But when she opened them

she was being held against her will

Thrashing and crying, she gave in

her soul had its fill

A sleeve cleaned her eyes

and a hand touching her face

closed the floodgates for good

I had been watching her

for three years, and after much thought

I did what I had known I should

She didn’t dress like the queen

I knew she was inside

and as far as books went

she wasn’t dumb or wise

She was who I’d been looking for

my Aspie girl

I had to search no more

she was my Aspie girl

I pressed my palms into hers

the sting of open flesh was too new

but so was this connection between us

that neither of us knew

but it felt right

it felt right

We could’ve spoken

but silence was golden

and in the strength of two

the tiniest spark is emboldened

Aspergians, They Can’t Know What You Don’t Say…Or Write


I’ll end up like you

lost among the years

drowned in a pool of tears

and gagged by silent fears

How such accomplishments

could go overlooked

is a testament to the density of human will

to hide the healing truth

to bury the real fountain of youth

men desperate enough to kill

If you expect me to be stopped

by a glass ceiling

you’re expecting us

to have the strength of a fly

and while we may die

you’re going to hear what we have to say

because our works lay the path

for millions to follow

Children can grow up empowered

and dream of a better tomorrow

The greatest warriors

are the neighbors next door

and the desire to keep your mind free

is the holiest war

Silence one, and another hatches

from the egg of celestial intelligence

Born to spread truth

in the mire of malevolence

What we do may not receive credit

or win a Grammy award

but we do not work for accolades

instead, for the number of souls boarded

on the train of rebellion

as our country plunges into the darkest of days

We carry no sword

and we possess no shield

But through strength and courage

many followers we yield

Through centuries we pass

through valley, through sea

to bring all together

in eternity


My Dreams Gossip More Than A High School Girl



but stunning

Shy around our crushes

but desperate for loving

You’d swear under any sun

that we have no role

but we don’t just play the lonely one

we have our passions, and we get on a roll

when we’re in our field

We take your stereotypes and stiff arm them

to glory in our inspiring and unique highlight reel

of ups and downs

of science, poetry, and baroque sounds

Einstein, Mozart, and me

outcasts, deemed regressive

by those too dense to understand our creativity

Not passive nor aggressive

we don’t call you out

but by our success, by our legend

we remove all doubt

You all are nothing but idiots

and your so called science

is confirmation of your defiance

towards the truth

Swing around your PHd’s and double D’s

and everyone is stuck to the screen

Like a high school girl

still trapped in youth

you convince the masses

of what fools know isn’t true


Pain Inflicted On The Human Soul By Way Of Misunderstanding Us


 Brains mashed

from electrical buzzing

Radioactive stares

blind, and leave them humming

for the source of their pain

The strain

from muscles losing their grip

from an unfortunate reality

and the retina tears, and tears

causing loss of clarity

Their sweat would be like wine

if he knew how to taste

The tongue hastily ripped out

in the pain, so great

Organs turn on each other

in a cacophony of convulsive confusion

Fluids run out of every hole in steams

and as the whirring begins to sing

a fever pitch, yes

the body is near exploding

in an indescribable mess

You turned your backs

hitched our dreams to your railway tracks

Destroyed every last people, the first and last

Established your own order, as you pretended

to be the highest class

and now we’re beating your ass

to the punch, pedal to the metal

which you crafted into guns and killed your fellow

man, brother, and sister

you are lost in the chaos, but we missed him and her

Daily you delude

Gaily you include

all into your ways

even the most vile of acts

sure to cut short your days

Disconnected from our waves

you made your people slaves

and fed them nothing

but addiction and craze

We left you alone

to build up this home

but like a child, ignorant of his father

you destroyed it, and built your own altar

Time is but a circle

and yours is a break in the loop

Pulling out brains

from the root

and hitting restart

is the only way

to keep anymore

from being in the dark

You’ve pandered and panhandled

crushed and crusaded

broken and breaking

and now it’s our turn

to do the creating

but one species must die

for another to take courage

and fly