My First Day of College, and A Poem About A Dirty Girl

Well, my first day of college went great! My only class today was English 101. That was from 10:10 to 11:05, and while I have to rely on public transportation I still arrived an hour early (you have to be early if you’re relying on Baltimore transit, or you’ll always be late) . I spent the hour getting familiar with the campus, and figuring out where my classes take place. As usual, I was very anxious, but by the time I got to class I was pretty comfortable.

Today, we didn’t do too much work. We got to know each other a little and we received our syllabus. There’s a nice mix of people, from new kids like myself to adults who are going back to school. I’m not sure I’m making any friends, but it’s college…do you really have to? I’m not going to make friends unless you come on to me first. That’s just my Aspergian style. (It keeps me out of trouble ALOT, so…)

Problem is, all my excitement might be useless. Since I haven’t gotten my GED, I don’t qualify for Federal Aid. And since I’ve talked a little about my Dad on this site, you already know he’s not a good guy. What I mean by all this is that he might not have the means to keep me in the course. I’d have to withdraw until Summer or Fall, which isn’t a bad thing, but I feel slightly odd about that. Now, nothing is exactly confirmed, but my future at CCBC is up in the air right now. I feel weird about the whole situation…so, to a poem I wrote

I’ve got nothing to say

that I haven’t already

but for this new journey

are you ready?

Don’t even say my name

I already know yours

and I won’t say yours

because you know mine

I want to treat you in the worse way

make you claw into my skin and scream

“You are the most horribly wonderful thing I’ve ever known”

I want you to close your emerald eyes

and not open until your forget the time

till the tears dry

till the morning light

taps up awake

and with a glance into each other’s eyes

we do it

all over again


13 thoughts on “My First Day of College, and A Poem About A Dirty Girl

  1. This beautiful.. but I think I would work on getting my GED you can do that online.. I think.. at any rate stay positive and keep pressing on.. stay strong my friend..😊


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