Dear WordPress: I Start College Tomorrow!

Man, life comes at you fast.

Some years ago, Thomas And Friends was the only movie that mattered. Just a few years ago, Summer Camps were all the rage. And now, with a book in the works, I’ve also registered for Spring classes at the Community College of Baltimore County! I was there for nearly five hours. Getting tested was a blast. While I only scored a 49 on the math segment (meaning I have to take remedial math, UGH), I scored a 98 and 107 on the reading and English segments. I knew those would be big areas for me, and I nailed it. I even qualified for the English honors program!

Working out financial aid was a bit stressful, because my Mom unknowingly filed under the wrong year, and I have to hope the FAFSA clears soon. Other than that, I’m all set. I have my schedule that outlines class dates, times, and locations. I’ll also know my teacher’s name. Since I’m not a stones throw away, transportation might be tricky, but it’s nothing too big for me to iron out.

Aspergers and all, I hope to learn a lot and have a great time. I’ve had a lot of practice being in groups outside of my home classroom. To tell the truth, I feel extremely overwhelmed. Between paperwork, schedules, all the new faces, and never mind the incredible responsibility, my head feels two miles wide.

As far as my blogging and Twitter activity, this is where it’s going to hurt. I love being on WordPress and reading everyone’s work (be it poetry or recipes), commenting, and liking, but I just won’t have the time. I’m also finishing my GED prep, have meetings with my Teen Arts Council (and may be joining another), along with shuttling my sister to and from with my brother, mom, and dad all working. I won’t be unable to post completely, but posting every night is going to be difficult, and it’s unnecessary stress. I haven’t worked out a foolproof plan, but either three or four posts a week sounds good as of now. That number may go down (hopefully not, but, life first) but I’ll have a better feel once I start going to class and seeing how difficult the classwork is (or isn’t).

I hope to still be able to keep a good viewership, and I’ll try to reply to comments when I can. Besides, this will be one more thing to blog about!

Well, here I go…


53 thoughts on “Dear WordPress: I Start College Tomorrow!

  1. Congratulations and best of luck at college. That is great news and an awesome opportunity for you. I never made the effort to go to college myself, so I always like seeing when others strive to further educate themselves and learn all that they can. As for juggling time for all the things you wish to do, I understand that as well, and I’m sure your regular readers will too. Wishing you much success!

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  2. I’m really excited about this new challenge and focus for you…blogging has to be given less priority when your demands go up. We all understand that 🙂

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  3. This is awesome news! Can’t wait to hear about this new and exciting adventure in your life. You’re gonna do great! Just have fun with it and be yourself. College is so much different from high school. A whole new world really. 😉

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  4. It’s difficult to juggle many things at once.. I wish you the best in your studies btw. And I think once you get the hang of the routine, you’ll have more free time. Priorities and time management are vital at times like these. Don’t forget to rest amidst the busy schedule. 😉

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