A Little Autistic Tear


I’ve got a little tear

and it just won’t dry

I’ve got a little tear

that blinds my eyes

I open the door

and what do I see?

All the jokes and laughter

does anyone like me?

I’ve opened this door

many times before

but to everyone

I’m nothing but a bore

I try to act normal

hoping I’ll fit in

but all spectrumites know

that’s our cardinal sin

I just want to be liked

just waiting to be loved

I’ve waited a long time

and others like me?

Twice as long as I

But that doesn’t wipe away

this little tear of mine

and it never will

not until I die

I can write about love

until my hands no longer write

but until I really have it

I just won’t feel right

I see teens like me

moving away, moving along

while I quietly fill notebooks

with this Aspergian song

maybe it’s fate


to never know what it’s like

to be loved by someone

and live in a home with me

I see others with families

children catching up to me

while I tighten my coat

and refuse to smile, even weakly

I can’t deny, I can’t pretend

that I hate and love

this thing I have

this thing I am

but if ignore my calling

then I will be damned

I write everyday, many times

so you can see

this life of mine

nobody can say they don’t know about Aspergers

after they’ve heard of me

and no one can ever say

we’ve got it easy

and it’s not supposed to be easy

it’s meant to be hard

but by playing a part

character is built

and courage is made

I need it

we need it

to do this everyday


33 replies on “A Little Autistic Tear”

Very powerful piece. Moving and honest to the point where soul and dreams are exposed. Keep expressing yourself like this , for your honesty is also poetry, and your writing may just reach someone else who experiences something similar. Excellent piece, very impressed πŸ™‚


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