An Aspergian’s Letter To That Special Girl


This poem is the word manifestation of a dream about what it would be liek to propose to that special girl….


Riding into town

songs of the sea in my ear

checking the glove box

admiring the cure of my fear

Mere miles

feel like a single step

for even an inkling of her

makes my lungs skip a breath

Every face

I’ve ever passed

is forgotten

in a lightning flash

And I’m not even prepared

I haven’t the foggiest idea of what to say

I just know the act

will blow Annaliese away

Sweeping her off her feet

isn’t necessary

when you know each other

the way a fish knows the sea

Never in my life

has my life ridden on two words

and no matter what she says

I’ll love her every word

I just want her

to make the right choice

because if not

we’ll be screaming at our interior voices

for years to come

we’ll live in torment, not peace

and thus ruining

this lease of love



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