Drowning In Aspergian Love On A Rain Soaked Hill


Standing on the highest hill, she never asked why we came

I only mentioned sunset, how I could watch them again and again

Rushing out the door, I had forgotten to check the forecast

And standing in the open space, the sky became overcast

I felt stupid for being so careless

But she didn’t mind, being together, our hearts were weightless

On this planet of euphoric love, gravity did not exist

And the sweet air from her lips was my daily breath

and my bread, her body, perfect in every way

But as the rain fell harder, I felt the day had been ruined

“I don’t care about the rain, I’m happy right now, seeing you again”

Putting her hand in mine, angels may have well stopped time

because this love comes from a special place, the divine

Trinity as her name

and closed eyes in love

can see underneath, around, and above

I knew she was perfect

worth more than anything I ever knew

and inconsistent moans

gave a perfect view of the life I gave away

when I kissed her harder and harder that day

slumping in my arms

legs weak with pleasure

and arms trembling in ecstasy

there was no other

who could reach in me

so deeply

(My record for most likes on a single post is 76. Can this post hit 77? I’d love it if it could!)

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