Aspergian Flashback: Short, White Plaid Skirt and Knee High Socks


(This poem is less about the attire, and more about the girl in the attire. Much of my life is flashbacks, mostly of things I wish I did but didn’t…)

Tongue tied

in so many knots

mind wrapped around

hundreds of thoughts

I lose control

of my actions

hand flapping, foot stamping

and to the “normal”, many more inappropriate reactions

I just want

to share my words

and let these voices,

beautiful muses of a teenage heart, be heard

Most times

I say it in my head

but by silence

in silence, I’m led

If I was allowed one word

it would be “slow”

because one, constant speed

is all I know

I fly

by faces

and race

through places


any minute more

and I begin to wet the floor

with dreams

I’ll never see

and that girl

Oh, she’s only make believe

short, white plaid skirt and knee high socks

fading in the wind

over that pretty heart shaded by a grey hoodie

I’ll never win

I just want

to be seen for me

even if I present




10 thoughts on “Aspergian Flashback: Short, White Plaid Skirt and Knee High Socks

  1. Simply amazing. I understand how you feel, although, I didn’t have crushes on girls, let alone gorgeous ones like Ariana. There are hard feelings, and you made an amazing poem out of the bad. You’re such a great writer,it blows me away.


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