Donald Trump Is Just A Puppet


(While some of you may be angry, saddened, or disappointed at the election of Donald Trump, this is to let you know there are far bigger problems. He is just puppet in the grand scheme. I’m not pro-Trump or anti-Trump, but I am pro-truth.)

Having a second thoughts

about being American

Not talking about birthplace

or the black race

but what really

makes up this place

that we call home

where democracy reigns

what does it mean

to be free

when are lied to everyday

and we cannot see

that the “truth” poured upon us

is nothing but a lie

in every way

they say 9/11 was a tragedy

an attack on American values

I guess the white house

thought oil was more important

than all those lives that were lost

let me tell you

that the “war on terror”

doesn’t exist

it’s just a power trip

to keep you bewitched

keeping you thinking that Muslims

need a crucifix

these “extremists”

are cookie-cutter cutouts

of the USA’s sellout

to keep your heads down

as the real world goes around

There’s no “war”

there’s no Al Queda

and Russia’s no more of a threat to us

than baby girls were to China

Putin’s pissed

and Trump’s rich

while Clinton acts like

she knows what being black is

I know a lot of you

are surprised at what I’ve said

but I only write

so the truth can be led to you

and I wish I knew

more than what I do

but thank CNN


and Facebook

stealing our lives

our children

now who’s the real crook?

When they slay their own

to enrich their own

put your hand

over your heart

land of the un-free

home of the slave

for your life is worth barrels

the price has been paid

I just want

to share information

it’s up to you

to demand reformation



34 thoughts on “Donald Trump Is Just A Puppet

  1. You’ve got a good head on your young shoulders. These people are just stooges in a pantomime put on for our benefit. From our perspective, it’s impossible to understand how the world really works, but it’s easy to work out it’s not what they’re selling us.
    Lovely writing that.

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      1. I agree. America started out as a beautiful idea. Unfortunately in the hands of human beings, it doesn’t take long for a beautiful idea to become corrupted. And they’ll say it’s about this and that, but it never is. It’s about keeping the power in the hands of the few by any means necessary. That’s the only real war that’s ever been going on. They don’t give a damn about race or gender or any of that really. They’re just low-hanging fruit for controlling people. And it seems to work incredibly effectively.
        But to say what you’re saying at your age is a hell of a good start I think. I was still drinking the Kool-aid back then. I thought it was all set up for the common good. What a painful learning curve.
        It can be lonely trying to get at the truth behind these things though. Pretty much no-one wants to hear about it. Not even family or friends. It threatens comfort and safety. Like that guy in The Matrix, ignorance is bliss.

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  2. Things seem bad right now, I know. But maybe it’s not as bad as the media wants you to believe. America is easily the most powerful nation in the world right now, and things are gonna stay that way for a long time.
    Also, there are several reasons why Trump might actually be good for the country right now. I wrote a post about it recently. Do check it out.

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  3. I am not entirely sure on all points, and I am trying very hard to stay on the hopeful, prayerful side right now, but I do appreciate very much the honesty here.

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