The Road Too Often Traveled By This Aspergian


Cold to the bone

tomorrow unknown

trying to give these emotions I have

a home

they’re lost

tormented and slain

broken by the pain

drowning in depression’s rain

they come to me

chicks to a hen

and the tiny embers of anger I have

warm them

I’m a ticking time bomb of rage

and dirty desires that keep you flipping the page

I’m the lonely reed, small and tender

and a greedy butcher

chopping heads for dinner

Where do I put it all

I don’t know

but if you’re really quiet

you can find me

singing very low

of hope I wish to have

of love on a chosen path

and gazing eyes that make me glad

I keep writing about her

hoping she’ll come around

but I’m too afraid

to ever leave the house

If I were brave

I’d give it a shot

but that will power

I have not

Not today

and probably not tomorrow

and so the long empty road

I continue to follow


27 thoughts on “The Road Too Often Traveled By This Aspergian

  1. Wow… The pain is in each word of yours i felt you spoke my heart i have overcome this stage now.. Hope you too have a great life Ahead! Very well written๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


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