Devereaux, A Broken Cookie



of a fear

jealousy and misunderstanding

all too real

People don’t understand

and they’ll never know

what makes me go

What I like to grow

words and rhymes

that pass the time


at home

on a park bench

my peers

don’t make any sense

and my views

are worth sense

When I can’t speak to them

because I’m afraid to say

What’s on my mind

what I’ve learned today

so many questions

left unanswered

just like messages

piling up in my phone

not sure if I should respond

or just leave them alone

How come I can win awards

for sentences and rhymes

but I can’t have a friend

just one, that’s mine

that lasts for a long time

This isn’t

a hallucination

It’s real

and often times

it’s too much for me to deal with

I only get so much

time to heal

Ship me out

like a solider

and they wonder why I c0me home


fed up with the pain

I take a trip down memory lane

suicidal thoughts and dreams

when the end of it all seemed

so very real

so very true

no need for birthdays

no time for you

maybe broken cookies

do tasteΒ just as sweet

but how long do they hold on

before they tire of being beat?


37 thoughts on “Devereaux, A Broken Cookie

  1. This is beautiful ❀️ I can relate.

    Autism-friendly hugs to you,
    ~The Silent Wave Blog writer/Laina 🌟🌟

    Liked by 1 person

          1. You would be surprised how words travel. Not sure how you feel about performing your work to people, like open mic nights etc. Scary, I know (I would need a TON of courage)…but I hear good things about how people connect at these events. A wise person once said…20 seconds of bravery is all it takes. (I know, that ‘I bought a zoo’ film!!) But it is true, I try and keep that in mind…occasionally!


  2. Well Dev a broken cookie taste just as good. And I wonder if you see the friend you seek inside of yourself? I think that you will make a great life long friend to yourself! As I have to myself and many many others have to themselves. Your writing makes me know there are great things in store for you. I don’t know if this comment will give you any comfort but truly you were put here in this life with a definite purpose and are stronger than most. πŸ™‚


  3. Beautiful, Devereaux. I really like the use of the broken cookies there! πŸ™‚ I wish I had all the answers to that question there. Somehow, you get up every day and you keep going, friend. Hugs and prayers.

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