To The Bad Things…


Bad things

I knew if I did them

I would get attention

Maybe my parents would listen

Bad things

Feel good at the pinnacle

The high of sex is way above the typical

Nothing like I’ve ever felt, measures up to nothing else

Bad things

Can make you seem like a star

Those aspergian traits seem so far

When its dark and you’re alone in the car and you’ve got

Bad things

On your mind

All the time

You’d probably be jacking off if you weren’t writing this rhyme

Bad things

Become real bad things

When they ruin childhood feelings

When they got you staring up at the ceiling

Wishing for a body that was never yours

And the body that would make her yours

And when I thought I needed more

I needed more

And now trying here

Trying to be more

Than the Bad things

That brought me here

And now I fear

That the Bad things

Will eat me alive

Force me inside

Striping me

Molesting me

Of everything that was mine

Bad things

Always look so good

Double-check yourself

Save your health

Before the verdict’s dealt

12 thoughts on “To The Bad Things…

  1. Who decides what are “bad things” and what are “good things”? And where did they receive this power of determining what is good or bad?


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