I Don’t Give A Damn About The New Year


(Seriously, I don’t. It’s just one more day on this Earth. It’s not nearly as serious as people make it out to be. You should be grateful for everyday. )

Maybe it’s that January cold

but I’m feeling quite bold

not following what I’m told

I’m always breaking the mold

A new year for these Americans

drinking, smoking, and choking down food

is another day in the long life

of Africans, Indians, Asians, and Middle Easterners

dealing with pollution, anarchy, and loss caused by you

America starts these wars

while you riot over criminals

and while your porn turn underage girl into whores

your three dollar donation’s impact is minimal

in world where trading humans

makes multi-billions

your Game of Thrones

is least among the millions

of concerns of the world

where your flip-flops fear to tread

where bombs are hurled

dismembering heads

Call me anti-American

call me a hater

but while you tweet

Chinese workers aren’t getting any paper

Overfed and under-read

Complain about minimum wage

while African mothers don’t see their girls

grow to an old age

Throw a fit over Christmas

throw a fit over Easter

but how many homeless

get to meet her,

the Holy Spirit?

Protect this land,

fair lady

Maybe we’ll worship something outside of ourselves



60 thoughts on “I Don’t Give A Damn About The New Year

  1. Great post. If we don’t inform ourselves we will be mindlessly celebrating for self serving opportunities. Let’s live in such a way that we have reason to celebrate the joy we bring this year to those who are marginalized, hurting or for some other reason have lost hope for tomorrow.


  2. Hey Devereaux – great name that! It’s great to see my Protea on your blog and thanks for following my work. I have to say that I was blown away by your writing – found myself wanting to rap to it πŸ˜€. You are a really good writer and more so when you are able to provoke the emotion I see in the comments.

    It’s too early for me to place my view here but coming from an African country, I do have a view on the issues you’ve raised. You’re right that you can take any day to alter course and centre your new beginning but I guess there is something to be said about the collective consciousness that comes with a particular day in the calendar.

    For me, 2016 had many blunders both locally and internationally. So it needed a comma for us to all catch our collective breath. The one thought I will leave you with though is that none of us exist as islands. When powerful countries sneeze, we all catch a cold. I don’t think the average person realises that their local votes determine the fate of many people to the extent that they will never know.

    I’ve been lucky to travel a bit through my work and despite the many challenges we face back home, there aint no place like home for me. I feel very strongly that we each can make a difference. Even writing this poem is provocative to how we think and react to our circumstances and responsibilities to the rest of humanity.

    I look forward to reading more of your work and thanks for coming my way. Best. Chevvy


  3. You might not give a damn.. and yes .. you are entitled to your own opinions.. and feelings..
    But please don’t try to put a damper on us the ones who you are very enthuse And very optimistic about a brand new year..
    a chance for new beginnings..
    A new start..
    Looking forward to try to improve and to progress..

    We all have our personal reasons to be enthusiastic..

    I wish you happiness and reasons to be..

    Happy 😊 2017….My friend..
    Cheer up.. and try to be thankful you are here to be able to experience the joy of a another year..

    Every day above the ground is a good

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  4. holy shit Dev!!! where do I even, even start?!!! I will like to come back to this again later and read when I can pay my full attention to blogging but just so you know your writing is freakin awesome!!! πŸ™‚ Glad to see you are feeling better!!!

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      1. Im painting all kinds of good stuff but Ill be back on later and im telling ya you did not find this writing thing Dev it found you!! you and writing are definitely meant to be! πŸ™‚ XO!

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          1. Wow! What a nice surprise thank you for sharing so many of my post Dev! That is a cool blog you have created! Super thoughtful of you!! πŸ™‚


          2. Im following the blog now too look forward to checking it out later if I can manage to keep my eyes open haha! πŸ™‚


          3. Sure thing Dev and thank you so much! I take it as such a compliment a writer such as yourself would reblog something of mine! never mine somethingsss! Im still covered in paint haha but had to quick write you a thank you once I saw all of that!! πŸ™‚


  5. I see your point, it is powerful and this a great piece! We have a long way to come as a society. And while I do believe there is some credence to what Melissa is saying, I also believe that you are not far off. Yes there are good Americans, but there are also self involved hypocrites too. And we all have our struggles, whether on an individual scale or a world view scale- I don’t think we truly should ever compare ourselves to another. For while in the throws of it, it always feels difficult to navigate. Something I always say to those I help through depression. Problems always are big to you when faced with them, so to say that you have no reason to be this way because “so and so” has it worse or comparing countries- well yes, but that doesn’t negate the feelings to those in the throws of it. Just as I won’t say “you can’t think this way or feel this way” because, what I think is irrelevant to what you are feeling or thinking, which is very real to you. As in anything, when discussing topics, One can only point out their perspective- which you’ve done fabulously! xo

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  6. Wow, very bitter, cynical and quite honestly, a bit naive. You are blaming Americans for all the problems in the world. That is a common belief among younger people who are told by the lying media that we are awful. But I have lived in and visited some of these third world places (Colombia, Palau, Saipan to name a few) and you can’t blame hundreds of years of damaging beliefs, wars and traditions on Americans. These other countries have their own crooked governments, greed and selfishness are just as rampant there as they are here, and wars have been fought for thousands of years before we even existed. So don’t go blaming the world’s problems on this country and generally sweeping every American into your poem, because not all of us are selfish, thoughtless or greedy! Some of us (like me) have spent the better portion of our lives trying to make the world a better place. Look at the good and stop feeding into the negativity! And just because you don’t feel like celebrating doesn’t mean that others around this world don’t have a right to say goodbye to a rotten year and hold out hope for a better one.

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    1. I’m not blaming Americans for the world’s problems, but I am pointing out our arrogance and ignorance of some things. Rather than feeding into the negativity, I’m simply pointing it out, because it often gets overlooked or forgotten.
      And, as history has proven time and time again, America has caused many of the problems that lead to other countries wars and crooked governments. I think this is something that isn’t stated enough, and I tried to capture that.

      Thanks for reading.

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      1. I don’t agree with you Your analysis
        Stop watching and listening πŸ‘‚πŸΎ and even worst..
        believing all this negativity..

        Create your own joys..
        Don’t join the forces and become a pessimist..

        We can’t help or avoid most of what happening around us..
        but we can choose not to participate in it..

        It’s way beyond our control..

        You are worrying too much about things that you and none of us can control.. wasteful energy..

        Smile and enjoy your day…!!!!

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      2. Yes, there is a lot of greed and corruption in our own country, but one of the things that you mentioned is that China “has no paper.” You do realize that China has more millionaires than most countries? If there is poverty, corruption and greed in that country, then they should look to their own people. I won’t deny that America has many problems and has also caused many problems around the world, but as for not being pointed out enough, that’s not true. It seems like all I hear these days is how awful everything is in this country. I’ve been told I’m a greedy racist because I’m white and I work in a corporation. Really? I’ve been told that my belief in God and my religion are the main reasons for the problems in the world. Umm..ok. I just get tired of hearing from so many sources how bad this country is. It certainly isn’t the country I grew up in (alot of good, decent morals seem to have been lost) but neither is it as bad as many would like to make it to be. I do agree though that there are many ignorant and arrogant people in many countries ignoring the problems of the world. Sorry for venting so much. Still was well written

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      3. North American, and by that I include Canada, still works out of a colonial mentality. As such it affects domestic issues which many within the country choose to ignore, and it affects foreign affairs. Over the years, the number of countries where the US has initiated ‘regime change’ so it can ensure access to the resources of that country. Regime change being a clinical word for depose a country’s leader that won’t cooperate with the US. There are enough examples of regime change causing political instability in the target country or neighbouring countries.
        Each day can be a new start to something good, but only if we are willing to make ourselves aware of how we need to inform ourselves of what really lives n our country and then initiate the change that is needed.
        Keep up the insightful writing.


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