YOU Are Why This Aspergian Writes


Nearly 2,000 followers and over 100 posts later, I would have never thought I’d have this much of a following. I have so many favorites, and you all leave some really amazing comments. You’re encouraging, supportive, and also honest. We share ideas, and we help one another. I’m grateful to be part of this community.

Many times I’ve been asked why I write, and I think it’s very simple. Some will say because they’re bored, and others because it’s fun. My response is neither. I write to change perspectives. I write to change negative stereotypes around those on the autism spectrum. I write to give hope to those, who like me, were considering taking their lives because of depression, anxiety, and abuse. Many of you have shared their stories, and I’ve really taken them to heart, and they’ve inspired my words. Here’s just another piece of this brittle heart, hope you find it sweet….


They tried to break me

saying writing would never make me

aspergers would always betray me

Well I’m published now

and people read my words daily

about that Aspergers that made me

and now they can’t stand next to me

Because they can’t take the heat

when I spit these

words that burn to the core

raw pain that lives forever more

images of people that I used to adore

My dad leaving my mom, and me at the door

my past falls on me everyday like a bitter rain

and everyday I’m living a lie

when I tell myself I’m sane

I’m not sane, I’m insane!

Tortured by the man

I thought I called my father

but he doesn’t give a fuck about me

so why did even bother

wondering where he went and he’d come

in a pinch

Childhood kicked me

as my family ran past

my slow-stepping

mess-making ass

I thought I was destine to die

as life was passing me by

and as I sat with that bleach

in my glass, I said

“one more time”

but I saw a better person

standing in the mirror

and with the Word

I became a believer

No matter what they said

I’d be myself

No matter that they did

I’d put it on the shelf

cause I’m not living for them

I’m not living for their approval

I’m not living for the person I once knew

I’m dying for everyone on the spectrum

so they can live too


42 thoughts on “YOU Are Why This Aspergian Writes

  1. I like your reasons to wright. I Do the same, But in Norwegian. I write to give hope and helt to others on the spectrum. And to make people see, understand and feel on another level. Thank you.

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          1. Well, write it and then take a chance! I am planning on writing one myself but I have no FN clue where to start except to keep writing until I get the nerve up to take a chance myself 🙂

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      1. This writing has so much power and such determination…from out of the depths of what sounds to be despair for sure you gained such strength and I admire that so much in you! 🙂 your writing is a true tribute to the person that you are!


  2. I love that poem hun. It’s so powerful 😊 Your blog is one of my favourites, and it’s all the more special because you blog with a mission. You’re doing great things for ASD understanding and awareness 🤗 I hope you get through the silliness of the Christmas period okay X

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