What Words Can Conquer Death?



My rugged boots stop still in the mud

and the blazing fire catches my eye

I see a man hanging by his foot from a rope

“This is nothing to pass by”

I see five more men

One bound like the Christ, two tied together, and one on either side

of this cross.

I drop to the blood soaked ground, heart rended

at the sight of such immobilizing loss

They are motionless, long gone

from family, from familiarity

of light and darkness

Now they only know silence’s song

I cry out in bitter grief,

because in me they had belief

I’m supposed to put an end to their misery

but misery put an end to them

Trapped in the tightening bond of

an unseen hand

They saw the land itself

turn them away

If I could have been here

a day earlier, who could I have saved?

If I could have eliminated

one more enemy, could I have been saved

from this binding sadness

and burning desire

to free pain stricken souls?

Who had no savior, no arms to call home

Just the tightening of rope around wrists,

and empty pleas for freedom

The darkness heard them, alone



25 thoughts on “What Words Can Conquer Death?

  1. One of your better poems! Having just watched “Shakespeare in Love”, I can honestly say that in some of those lines, I hear a whisper of Shakespeare. The picture is haunting, terrible and sad. Where did you find it? Is it real or was it staged? Just looking at it makes me want to cry.

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          1. Very. It’s a very disturbing picture. The older I get, the less I understand the cruelty and hatred of man vs. man. But when I feel sad, I do my best to fill my mind with the beauty of nature, service, love and the goodness of good people. Not burying my head in the sand, just trying to lift others so that they, too, can fight the difficulties of life. And when it gets too much, I seek beauty and love. 🙂

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