Black Dahlia Prose: Special Words For My One Hundredth Post



Oh man, oh man, oh man. One hundred posts? Really? You kidding me? Really?

Yes, really. It’s real.

I’ve been through everything on this blog, from love and tempting teasers to Aspergers and raw pain, grief, and desire for a “normal” life, to my porn addiction and what I’m doing to overcome it (I’m going on nearly a WEEK without it, by the way). I haven’t always had a lot of followers, and I’m SO THANKFUL to the 387 (and counting). You are amazing. Your comments are encouraging, and your peace and kindness encourage me to go on.

But I must confess.

IΒ don’t do it for likes or comments. I do it because people need to here my voice. People need to hear and see that not everyone on the autism spectrum is rude, emotionless, and unable to do anything in society. People need to see that Aspergians…we have a voice. We are NOT all in our own heads. We can see outside ourselves, outside our anxieties, and make an impact. I think I’ve chipped away at that goal, and with one more post, I’ll continue to. My role doesn’t stop, and my job is for life. I will do this until he calls me home, and I’m thankful to you for listening.

YOU make Creative Writing of A Baltimorean possible. YOU make my job easier. And YOU make it possible that others like me can see who they really are. THANK YOU.

For my post tonight, I’m doing something a little special. On Twitter, I’ve been participating in Kendra Lynn’s #BlackDahliaProse prompts , and I’ve written some great poetry in response. I’m going to share them here, and you can follow me on Twitter @marylandpoet and follow her as well, @DVcrusader

(The prompt will be in bold)

12/9/16 Prompt

Red, brown, and yellow

Feelings anything but mellow

Wind whistling pleas

from fluttering copper leaves

Language of trees

12/6/16 Prompt

Vibrant heart

love branching out

petals of a rose

but you gave in to toil

now you lie among dormant flowers

in frosty soil

12/2/16 Prompt

Love comes

& love is gone

Wait your turn

be taken along

ride up & down the story of life

happy & mourning

in the dusk

of a grey goose morning #BlackDahliaProse

11/29/16 Prompt

Blood & knives

Tablets of stone taught tribes

Thrones of white marble

enemy ships pillaging harbors

The legend of humanity #BlackDahliaProse

Prompt 11/25/16

A broken bed

and your ripped dress

Moaning and sweet ecstasy

Sweaty palms

and a sticky mess

The morning after #BlackDahliaProse

Prompt 11/22/16

She was pressed

until her core became liquid

and a heart of daisies

became grey ashes

She gave in

Her chemical meltdown #BlackDahliaProse

She threw up poison

and bled carcinogens

She ran to her lover

choking on curses

My chemical romance

Her chemical meltdown #BlackDahliaProse



22 thoughts on “Black Dahlia Prose: Special Words For My One Hundredth Post

  1. 100 posts – that’s commitment! I agree that you’re blog is serving showing people your voice. I also think that other Aspergians will find comfort in your blog. They’ll be inspired and proud that you’re speaking up (in written form) so articulately. Well done πŸ™‚

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