An Aspergian’s Anger At The Lies Of The Neurotypical World



I really don’t how I came to this. It’s THE most ridiculous piece of inspiration I’ve ever gotten, yet it really captured how I was feeling.

And still do.

See, with us Aspies, anxiety is one of our hallmarks. I get anxious about everything. Things I’ve never done are obvious sores, but even in things I have done I get worried. Because everything doesn’t always happen the same way, unfortunately. What I’ve learned more about myself over the last couple years is that I feel anxious about things I did a long time ago. I think I’ve talked about in the past how I don’t remember much from my childhood, but that’s  because the things I do are so…stressful. From being exposed to porn for the first time, and struggling with it for years, to being beat up by my dad and having to be hospitalized for the repercussions, to my teen years where I have been a thorn in the side of my family because they’re all branching out, making new friends, and wanting to do new things….

And all I want to do is write poetry.

I know that’s not a bad choice, but I’m just too scarred. When you’re broken, is throwing yourself back on the field the first thing you do? I’m not broken anymore, but I am scarred, and the scars keep reappearing. They keep me from doing all of that. They keep me from being completely honest with you, because I’ll never tell you everything. I am happy being me. As bland and boring (according to family and old friends) as I may be, I’m at MY best when I’m bland and boring. But the world doesn’t like that. They want this drugged up twerkingcussingDonaldTrumphatingneurotypicalrobot that they can game plan for. They want someone they can hypnotize. Someone that will jump without asking “where”.

I’ll never fit in their fucking boxes, squares, circles, hexagons, trapezoids, or diamonds. This freedom is good and worth having and holding onto, but it doesn’t come without it’s drawbacks. People have left me, forgotten me, used me, and betrayed me. It’s like some asshole raping a blind girl. They can’t do anything about it, and they’re harmless, but you have to dominate them anyway. You have to find some way to appear more powerful. You have to find someway to find some wrong with them…

I hate this world. For quieting us, for silencing us, and for convincing the public that we are stupid, useless, blind, rude, evil, disrespectful, inconsiderate, emotionless, lifeless, and loveless good-for-nothing people.

And even then, some of them don’t even consider us people…

A little sip

and I’m taken back in time

When hearts

were entwined

That wonderful moment

when your path crossed mine

I didn’t know

what to say at first

when your flow

quenched my thirst

I took it slow

not knowing what I was tasting

but in no time,

you had me craving

everything about you

This wasn’t a knockoff, no fake

and there wasn’t a single thing about you

that the world could emulate

At least, that’s what I thought

because I soon realized

that I had gulped down poison

I guess ingredient labels can lie


16 thoughts on “An Aspergian’s Anger At The Lies Of The Neurotypical World

  1. Devereaux, the most striking thing about this blog, and your writing, is your passion and honesty. Keep writing and producing your excellent heartfelt poetry.

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  2. There are aspie friendly NTs about (like me) Do you know people who are also on the spectrum, who might be able to show some solidarity with you? Be honest on your blog. This is your place to be accepted, and for people like me to prove that not all NTs are arseholes (though sadly a lot of them are)

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      1. No, I didn’t mean that. Sorry if my comment didn’t make sense. I was encouraging you being honest (as you do) on your blog, and expressing the truth of what you feel 😊 I agree with you on what you’ve said, and what I was thinking was I hope you will realise that there are nice NTs too, as well as the twats 😋

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  3. This may not be everything, it never has to be yet is very powerful and vulnerable.. more than what most people are will to expose or share..
    keep writing


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