He Will Kill Me If I Leave: A Poem On A Vampire?


I come to the place

and find you alone

You live here,

but I know this isn’t your home

Little white dress behind brown leaves

and tiny grasses

Left alone

forgotten by the masses

I ask you your name

but you crouch near the ground, caution in your eyes,

crossing pale wrists over one another

Then you tell me all I’ve heard were lies

You weren’t “lost”,

like they say

Actually abandoned

by a stranger, while your parents lay


deep in paralyzing night

You were taken

in paralyzing fright

And you smile

when I say I’ve came to rescue you,

You giggle, you laugh

“I knew! I knew!”

I take your hand in mine

and we walk away

Suddenly, you stop and stare

I cannot leave this place,” you say

We’re almost to the city,” I snap

And when I ask you why

You say

“He will kill me if I leave”, with a child’s cry

You quiver with fear

As I grip your tongue with my lips

“Don’t worry,” I say,

as I lap the blood as it drips


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