You Want Me? Guess Again: An Aspergian’s Question To The Outside World



I get the feeling people love me, or hate me. Some people can’t stand my presence, which doesn’t bother me much because i probably can’t stand theirs, and then there are people that i just can’t seem to get rid of. Like the people that constantly message/text message/whatever me. There’s only a handful, and I mean a handful, of people i actually enjoy talking with. The rest I entertain out of courtesy. My pure aspergian self would just ignore them, but that won’t get me anymore. I used to do that when I was younger, and while I still struggle with daily conversation I’ve progressed a bit and faking it (because thats what it really is) to keep people interested. Still, I struggle in meeting new people and making people interested in me. To most people I seem fairly bland (God, family, school, writing, and my Chiefs. Wow.) and the fact I’m ugly too doesn’t help.

I don’t know how to make myself seem “cool”, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve stopped caring because “cool” doesn’t mean anything in the real world. I wonder what makes me seem interesting to some people,and not to others. It’s crazy, and furthermore, I don’t know how to respond when people say they like me. Aspies lack that “sight”, if you will, and so it only complicates things when it comes to social interaction. I turn away people that like me, because I appear to be unsure myself in what I want. Maybe I’ve turned away a few of you. I don’t know. Apparently you neurotypicals don’t just say “I like you” or “I want to be friends” and instead embark on long and ridiculous stretches of nonverbal mush.

Help me, please.Maybe I need a class on body language. Like, when chicks start opening and closing their legs. What does that mean? And why? Or when people lean towards you when talking? It feels SO DAMN WEIRD.

Ah, life. Thank god I can write poetry. The only way I can explain myself without going absolutely crazy.


I am

an Aspergian

often times


So, this is to the girl

who’s out there


I fall in love easily

Do you know

what you’re getting yourself into?

Do you know

what this entails?

Are you ready to pick me up

if I fail?

Will you be strong

when I am weak?

Can you make my heart


Will you leave me

if I fall?

Or what if

I don’t respond to your call?

When I want to be


Will you

still call my arms “home”

What if I don’t hold you

will you find someone else?

What if I can’t love you

will you leave me cursing myself?

What if I don’t understand the first time

or the second?

Will you wait with me

until the forty-second?

What if I don’t get up

because the world makes me tired?

Will you wake me

and make me inspired?

What if

I’m shy around people

Will you gossip

and encourage the evil?

What if I don’t

know how to dance

will you still give me

a second chance?

What if I don’t know

how to have sex

Will you fail me

like a second grade test?

What if I can’t

kiss you?

Will you forget that I also

miss you?

When I

don’t want to talk

will you stay by my side

as we walk?

When I want

to be silent

Will you shatter me as you

fight it?

I’ll never be

that guy

but can you

give me the chance to try

to not be someone

else’s dream

but to be my own

crazy thing

that hates crowds, spontaneity

and scraping sounds, lately

but loves poetry, nature,

and a girl named Demi

Maybe I’m a little weird

I’m sure you’d agree

But my heart may be open

for you and me

22 thoughts on “You Want Me? Guess Again: An Aspergian’s Question To The Outside World

  1. You are going through a lot with people around you. Good news you are not alone. We all go through this… issues over issues till it becomes toxic to us. Know your value first. How much do you value yourself… then no one could actually hurt you in any way. 😊

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  2. I will tell you this each time I read something from you…Amazing! and mean it completely! You thanked your gift of writing in this and I love that part the very most of all! You have such an incredible handle on so much of life I wonder if you can ever see that? Maybe sometimes you can sometimes you can’t but for whatever you dislike about feeling weird trust me you have so much more to love about yourself than you even know!! I’m so thankful you have writing it really is something that you were born to do!!

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  3. A chick opening and closing their legs wants your dick inside them πŸ˜‚ People lean into you when talking because they feel close to you and want to bond, it’s to show they feel relaxed and safe with you, as they are relaxing their usual rules of what a safe personal space distance from you is. Leaning in is good news! 😊 Neurotypicals don’t explicitly say “I like you, let’s be friends”, or “I fancy you, let’s fuck” it’d be way easier if we all did though πŸ˜†πŸ˜


    1. Oh. I see now.
      Leaning is good news, okay. Still think its weird though. I’m like “damn bro, get out of my personal space”. I’ll adjust, I guess.
      I wish you all did, though. Why do you all have to be so darn secretive about everything? .

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      1. Unfortunately, the whole “secretive” way we talk is to keep our masks up, and to get information on how other people feel without giving any of our own information away. It’s dumb, I agree. ‘Faking it’ can be exhaustive. It really would be a simpler world if people just said what they thought rather than dancing around a subject. I love you poem, by the way. Well done.

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  4. This is good! I struggle with making friends as well, I’m awkward lol but luckily the only people you will ever need in life..will surely need you back. Good luck to you! Xoxo!

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