A Poem To A Dead Mother



they don’t know us

The stones

in the wet soil

the blood

and the little white dress it spoiled

The doctors who said “didn’t make it”,

and the plans it foiled

They don’t tell our story

The kisses

at three in the morning

midnight wishes

made as the cl0uds went storming

runny mascara on my sleeves

during your parous mourning

We knew them

They told our story

Rest now. I’ll finish that page,



12 thoughts on “A Poem To A Dead Mother

  1. Having lost my mother seven years ago, I can relate to this. No one fully understands the love of a mother, but I am so grateful for my own personal belief that one day I will see her full, whole, perfect and that we will be a forever family. Blessings to you my friend. ❤


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