An Aspergian Poem On Domestic Violence


I wrote this poem with my blogger and Twitter friend Kendra Lynn (her blog here, on my mind. Following her incredible work has inspired me to read and become more aware of the plight of so many women (and men, believe it or not), and I felt compelled to write about the subject. Her strength and vigor is in inspiration to me, and I’m grateful to be part of her circle.

He was smart

and he was kind

He’d drop me off at the mall

and pick me up on time

He let me go first

and let me have more

He never said “no”,

even if I’d been to the place before

He’d hold me long,

late into the night

He’d speak slow and softly

taking away my fright

Where I wouldn’t go

he would lead

From teenage fears and anxieties

I was freed

I didn’t think

there was anyone sweeter

I couldn’t think

of a life any better


Now I can’t wake up in the morning

Without him twisting my wrists

And one morning, I found him

on my clothes, he had pissed

If I confront him, he fights me

grabbing my hair, he wrestles me down

and punching me in the head

until I can’t hear a single sound

He shoves me

down the steps

and I try to wipe my face, so bloody

but he only laughs

There’s nothing off limits

I had to hide my dishes

and just when I hope he’s reached his limit

he fights even harder

He punches me like I’m a thief

that’s made him angry

He says I’m the source of his grief

and then he slashes my ankles

I can crawl away

but he follows,

and sinks his gritty fist into my mouth

and blood I swallow

Then he hurls a chair at me

and leaves me alone

to wish I was back

in my father’s home

Everyday it’s the same

no hope, no end

and when I think he’s changed

my fingers he will bend

backwards, until I think

they might break

I scream and wail

but he says my pain is fake

There’s more of me than you’ll ever know

Our story, our plight, you must know

or else, to our graves we will go

with other victims running to woe

Speak later, and withhold our peace

You are accomplices in our fate

Speak now, and give us peace

You run beside us in our race

Closed door, you know no name

Closed door, you hide our shame

Closed door, open wide

Make us new again

34 thoughts on “An Aspergian Poem On Domestic Violence

  1. Very inspiring and sad. I know something about this subject, though not quite as bad. I have had the feelings of being trapped, blaming myself, hoping things would change, knowing the change was for me to make. I have pretty much blocked out certain parts of my life. It’s still hard because I don’t trust anyone. It feels like I have a flashing sign on me saying ,”try me, I’m easy to be used and abused”.

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          1. I love you!! But I am married so you know what that means… Seriously, Devereaux you are great and with the flaws too! It’s not about loving a perfect person because well, no one is perfect. It is about finding someone who loves your imperfections! Period! I know because he married me anyways~

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