An Aspergian’s Revolt Against A Neurotypical World



and ice


more than twice

Beat you

to the punch

yet I was murdered

twice as much

Thought I could

show myself to you

but the only thing that happened

was that I was used by you

You took my strengths

and made them a target

on my back and displayed

my weakness, a market

of pain

and fear

of red eyes

and tears

I could never

show my face again

because my heart

has been rent

in two

no, four

the free-spirited boy you knew

no more

Now I hate

the light of day

and loathe

when people say

“Devereaux, how are you doing today?”

Please, spare me your shit

Autism is made up, remember?

You don’t mean it, and you know it

I’d rather be alone

and friendless

than among the company of panderers


pretending to care about my needs

when they can’t spell my name

pretending to know me

but their actions remain the same

Go ahead

talk your shit

but I’ll boil till the brim 

and strike you quick



16 thoughts on “An Aspergian’s Revolt Against A Neurotypical World

  1. Beautifully sad.
    I can relate to this piece and I think many can.
    If you are in any way “different” from the mass, it’s hard to find people who understand or are at least willing to try. (I have severe PTSD by the way) But they are out there! 🙂
    Just never give up and always stay who you are. (yes, I know that sounds much easier than it is. But try. You are way stronger than you think)
    Lots of Love,

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Hear me my friend, you are beautiful and whole, just as we all are with our personal anomalies. But some have fire, fire for more, fire for the disdain of mediocrity. You are one of these, I can tell. This is a blessing. So search and look for what you want not what you feel… the focus is what brings forth what we most see.. changing perspective, which is very hard, I have been in such spots; this is the key…
        much well wishes are sent your way..


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