Depressed: Too tired to live, but too tired to hide it


Knock, knock

who’s there

no, why do I ask

you’re just going to give me another grievous task

Tick tock

I’m here

future is on the spot

I laugh, I joke, at the future I could have bought

but I didn’t want

because I was too afraid

too afraid to take control of my life

yet equally afraid to cleanse the strife

But where will I go

without other seeing my scars?

Where I will go

where they can’t see my face

and notice the black buttons that have taken their place

Pretending to be someone else

so I pretend to be who I was pretending to be yesterday

and then I see every cross eye cross out my heart

and in their lives I want no part

You’re chasing me, and I’m running for my life

but I’m running out of places to call life

So I’ll stop when I can take no more

and then I’ll finally know about Lennore



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