Tiffany’s Luster


Come with me, my love

Let me rise on you, like a dove

on the summer winds

Let me suck down your sins

like a bee on a flower

Rain on my face like a spring shower

Bruise me as if I were a dangerous criminal

destined for execution, so electrical

are my feelings for you

that if you ever stopped touching me and knew

that a rusted knife lay above your dazzled hair

you would have never crawled into my naked lair

Putting waxing green eyes

to the waning winter sun

knowing the loving act

had been deviously done

Men would always trail

from lust of Tiffany’s luster

to their final peril

13 thoughts on “Tiffany’s Luster

    1. HA! My personal relationships have not been good, so I guess that’s quietly fueling these pieces. I’m good otherwise. Getting published in a magazine for the first time. Chiefs won with eight turnovers. Healthy. Alive. Can’t complain. You?

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