Love is a highway at 5:29



Pull out of your comfort zone
Far away from your home, and into the unknown
I guess you could call it fate
That every time I hit the road I find myself
Quite too late
The lanes are crowded
Unable to pass left or right
One slip and the moment is lost
Lovely evening turned panic stricken night
There’s so many out there
Big, small, and in between
Happy and sweet, angry and mean
Many I pass by, pushing faster as I go
Because that one I never wish to know
I slow down for others, even checking their rear
Wide, luminous, and ironically austere
But there’s one that stops me entirely
Hands up, windows out, breaks down
To her everything I am bound
Over mountains, under trees
Every passing minute makes this feel like a tease
But when I see her lights flash
Eyelids rise, pupils dash
And all I ever wanted was to crash
She sees me in the rear view, and I know she’s mine
Because love is a highway at 5:29

7 thoughts on “Love is a highway at 5:29

  1. I enjoyed this poem. You’re the second person I’ve “met” on WordPress that is from Baltimore. Seems the majority from Baltimore have almost identical stories. I’m going to read more of your work. It was nice to “meet” you and thanks for following my blog.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hey! Thanks for reading, and keep reading! I try hard to keep my work as unique as possible, because everyone gets tired of reading the same cliché writing.

      No problem on following your blog. I love writing and the people behind the words.

      Liked by 2 people

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