Taken: Flash Fiction On…Hitler?


(Author’s Note, from Wikipedia: “Flash fiction, also called micro fiction, micro narrative, micro-story, postcard fiction, short short, short short story, and sudden fiction, is a style of fictional literature of extreme brevity. There is no widely accepted definition of the length of the category. Some self-described markets for flash fiction impose caps as low as fifty-three words, while others consider stories as long as a thousand words to be flash fiction”)

He went to the living room, with his wife and highest officers.

His idea for a pure Aryan race was finished.

The war was finished. The ground gained after years of battle, starvation, and economic turmoil had all been lost. The Allied Forces were marching upon Berlin. Time was short, and in moments he would be forced to surrender all the wealth and authority that he had lorded over not just the German people, but much of Europe as well.

Hitler looked at his wife, dressed in black and handed her a small pistol. She looked at him, and with tears coming down her face, she nodded. She knew what this meant. He looked at each of his officers, all of whom had stood with him even in the campaign of Africa and Russia. They too pulled out pistols, and loading them, they prepared for their final act.

Hitler looked down at the floor. It was blanketed with a large silken cross, black with a red border. He threw oil on the cross and said a short prayer. His officials did the same, weeping over their mother country. His wife leaned upon her husband’s shoulder and covered her face with her hands as she wept.

Suddenly, they heard marching on the floors beneath them. This was it. The Allies were here. They drew their pistols closer to their hearts. Hitler put his to his head.


The door burst open. “Don’t!” shouted the solider. He was a German.

Hitler slumped in his seat, while his wife let out a sigh of relief. The officers rose to greet their comrade.

“I have found an escape” the man began. “We haven’t much time, but I believe if we go quickly, we will be safe”

Hitler nodded.

He led the way down the steps, with Hitler and his wife following, and the officers behind them. They left the old building they were hiding in, and crept through the city. The Allies had laid waste to much of the capital, but this desolate landscape proved to be excellent cover. The fellowship escaped the capital city and made for the forest on the edge of the city. There, Hitler stopped.

“What are we doing?” he commanded.

“Escaping” replied the officer leading the way.

He crouched down and led them deeper into the forest. Behind them, they heard sounds of gunfire and men shouting.

“What now?” asked the wife.

“We wait” replied the man.

They waited. And waited. Night fell. Still, they waited.

“We will be found!” Hitler exclaimed.

“Talking like that we will!” snapped the commander.

Suddenly, a bright light appeared overhead. It was shining blue and green light. It landed near them, and a small door opened.

“Enter” the commander bade them.

Promptly, Hitler, his wife, and the officers with them entered the craft. The UFO shook lightly, then dashed into space. The men and woman on board have never been seen since.

(I felt like Hitler, while being a controversial topic, would make for an interesting subject, because of his character, actions, and mystery surrounding his death and the collapse of German power. This piece was written last year at Stevenson’s Creative Writers Camp as part of an assignment on flash fiction, and other forms of short fiction, like drabbles, taught by one of my favorite teachers, Megan Nyland. She has a blog, too, and you can read more of her work here http://tastytribulations.blogspot.com/2016_07_01_archive.html)



3 thoughts on “Taken: Flash Fiction On…Hitler?

  1. I don’t think Hitler was one to be taken in by the fear like that. He survived numerous assassination attempts and always managed to make his way back into the public profile.
    I will have to say though, writings that humanize him and anyone of an infamous genocidal nature give me the creeps.

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