Blog Post One: Welcome!


I’m Devereaux, seventeen years old and a proud Maryland native. You probably know me from my work at KCSportsNation, in which I cover the Kansas City Chiefs and all their latest news while providing analysis on games and roster moves. You may also know me from Twitter, where I tweet about those aforementioned Chiefs and enjoy interacting with all members of my beloved ChiefsKingdom.

What you may not know me for is my love of creative writing. That is something I’ve recently come to and intend on doing for the rest of my life. Since attending Stevenson University’s Creative Writers Workshop the last two years, being part of a writers group for almost a year, and  talking with other authors, I have developed my skill as a writer and have been published twelve times on Teen Ink and multiple times on Literary Arts Review.

That is not enough. Not for me.

I started this blog not because I have a passion, but because I want to share that passion with others. Some teens, and even adults, feel that writing is just something you do for homework. It’s not. It is an art, and if you let it, it can take you anywhere you want it. Being a young black male in a country that is going through some tenuous times, writing has given me an escape, an outlet for anger, frustration, and is the trumpet to sound the call of change. As someone who suffers from Aspergers Syndrome, it is the voice I never had. I can say the words I’d never say in person. The voice and tone of many of my pieces is one of longing and desire, and that is because the words come from someone who cannot go a day without breaking down from the stresses of not being good with people, not understanding nonverbal communication, and being looked at in peculiar ways because I come from a family of extroverts.

My writing, be it poetry or short story, will vary in topic. Some, like love, nature, and looking back at relationships, are more common than others, but I try to be well rounded. Since I love Twitter so much, I will take requests for topics of stories or poetry. If you like, I could write a specific piece on you.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy my writing!



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