Swirling Clouds Of Rage



don’t let the sun

go down on your anger

but by the looks of my heart

the situations couldn’t be any plainer


never cared about me

robbed my soul, took my spirit, and lost the key

stripped me of something I could never see

but entrusted to you so faithfully


where is it now

in the depths beneath, or above in clouds

I’m the left speechless, because it can’t be found

backed into a wall, nine millimeter with no rounds


stole my life like a hit down the foul line

I never believed it would happen to me

but sitting alone in this empty room

fate loves to swoon, then ruin you soon


standing near the river, waters crystal clear

driven far away from the one I thought most dear

now the fish nibble at the water

for the flesh of a father


My Woman, My Maker


everyone has one
everyone knows one
whether you know them
appreciate them
or care to ponder their existence
they care about you
naturally keen to nurturing
and always lending a hand
in encouraging
they are the winds of change
upon the decadent heart of man
sensual and slatternly
it pumps sperm and hormones
in and out an overstimualted world
without them, we’d all be dead
unkept and without proper bread
these ones take the first step to see
children are looked after
at home or abroad
we are neighbors to all
and I think they grasp that best
both adult and youth
are told we’re alike
but that’s far from true
completely unique
motivations rarely in sync
her dream could be my dream
but I’m afraid to admit I came from her
without her, I wouldn’t exist
I lose a hint of hubris
but gain an eternity in respect
for a body not made to be gazed on
in pornograhic desire
but to be appreciated, and if in matrimony
be lifted even higher in regard
because without my woman
men could not go far
they are our creators, and our caregivers
they teach us, correct us, embolden us
the first eyes I gazed upon
entering a blistering new world
the first and only voice
I’ve ever truly heard
I love my women
in ways no man will ever know
because without the courage
to be humble to those above
how can your supposed love
ever show


Here I Go,Once Again


There’s a time

When I sit down

Stop writing

I look at the cuts

On my wrist

Razorblade cuts

On my neck

And staring at my words

Wondering why

I do this

Why I tell you

What only god knows

Breathing slowly

Despite rapid heartbeats

Why I love her

Or hate her

It depends on the name

Why I struggle with you

Then hit it off

With them

Or why I even bother

Telling you

Where I’m going

We’re all going

To the same place

When we die

Maybe it’s because

I’m not good

At anything else

Or because writers

Get girls

Or money

(sometimes neither)

Maybe I just like

Listening to myself talk

Or maybe it’s something else

Suddenly I remember

Who’s reading this

And I pick up my pen

Once again

These Breaths I Take


somewhere I’m here

sometime you’re gone

on way or another, I fear

tomorrow’s song

pushing me away

I live to fight another day

poisoned are the breaths I take

on the dark side of the moon my true self lays

see, I’m a menace

but that you’ll never see

because I try to keep everyone

thinking of how good I can be

instead of how lost I am

I do care what you think of me

I say I don’t just to seem tough

but if I were

I’d kill myself

and make all the bad memories

go away


Living Just To Die


why do we live

just to die

if life is simply birth, death

and a deep, dark sleep

underneath all that we’ve left behind

why do we try

what inspires us to wake


after day

after week

after month

after year

what inspires us to take all that we have

and throw ourselves into the whirlpool we call life

with little or no regard to fear

what makes us so dignified

that in fighting for those we don’t know

we would lay our heads low

it’s not for a flag, or for skin

but for the breath we all need

to begin

and again

what keeps us happy on Earth

the only planet we’ve known

when there’s a universe to be explored

but we call one, tiny place: home

I can speak little for myself

so hardly for humanity

but this desire to do, not do

and do too much

was placed inside of us

because it makes us human

unlike anyone else

and I wouldn’t have it

any other way


Love The Way You Lie


spell binding twists that turn time
on its head, through the back door
sliding through shiny black dress
they say crank it whore, you now your role
burning your precious hole through a little hole
light my grass, inhibitions go fast
where the hell is our time going
speeding into a frenzied fair
losing my virginity in your hair
tangled and tasted, pink candy so fine
wed to be a roller coaster for all time
circus lights and juvenile fights
can’t compare to our fireworks tonight
out from the depths my hand reached for you
out of cosmic chaos and mass I found you
to adore you 
and the world erupts like your flower
fire and wings of dawn inside you
clutching your throat from behind
you stare back, bare back and thin glasses
face forever frozen in wonder and awe
until even the universe folds on itself
and passes


Contempt For Much (Most Of Which Is Me)


light sprinkles

of rain hardly dampen

my desire for words

darkness brings them to life

storms and calamity set the stage right

and lightning crashes bring the light

my veins pulse and pound

from a heart that can’t contain what I love

brewing with contempt for so much

most of which is me

silent teenager with flash rages for grenades

don’t touch me

falling inside the cracks

brimming with tears from an unwanted past

and a seldom accepted future


together with my dreams

that I can’t make come true

watch him sail off

a starship aloft with you

I’m still stuck in gravity

mind warps are boils anew

too much black and blue

to ever come true

and when I do

they leave

and I achieve

what the misunderstood have always


but in the worst



I’m no human

but a trial

so put the bunsen burner to my soul

and let me join my fellow spirits

somewhere they can’t get me

ever again


Lies Swirl Down Your Throat


I don’t ever take credit

for what I do

I won’t ever take credit

for what I’ve done

I’m just a sinner like you

under the eyes of a watchful sun

broken and bewildered

I claw at every day

one day I’ll break the ribbon

one day, when I find my way

compliments can fall

for hours they may laud

but as long as I’m true to myself

I’m free from it all

Stares don’t ignite

anxious flames alight

foul tempers run amuck

but in carefully placed glances are stuck

because I’m not who I was

this time last month

so kiss that bottle

and let the lies swirl down your throat

because they choke at my indignation

in the rear view goes their exclamation

I feel free from the weight

and they can never hold me down

because while I feel alone

my friends aren’t far now

when the reign is on a rout

stillness comes on a single cloud

and confidence is restored

hear me loud


Vegas Shooting and Black Issues


jerk off to blood
bullets and brains
shooters in windows
Vegas gone insane
media and politicians scream gun control
but it’s the prescription drugs they take
that tear us from the soul
Sandy Hook
Dylan Roof
go ahead and look at the drugs they took
closed minded liberals
using the dead to push an agenda
why America
why do you let them do that
how long do we keep enabling
the disabled
to render breaths

put my hands to my face
watching the news, seeing the manipulation
from the media of the black race
I don’t call it justice, I call it disgrace

using our struggles to further an agenda
the messages they spew I spit back
I stand on my own two feet, and will never surrender
my skin is more than a token, but the source of pride

back in Africa we were respected men, kings, and priests
so I take offense to the Nazis, racists, and KKK
you are obligated to have your rights
but I’m obligated not to let them get in my way

there’s more to my skin than drugs and crime
there’s more to life than booze and dime
there’s more to women than skinny waists and ass
sometimes rap music makes me want to laugh

degrading our women with derogatory phrases
and yet they’re idolized by people of all ages
Diddy, Dre, Khaled, and the rest I forget
got these boys jacking off but can’t pay rent

cause weed don’t buy good grades
and premarital sex takes a toll everybody gotta pay
don’t wake up till noon and you’ve lost another day
point a gun in my face, I’m going to the right place

our problems aren’t clothed in white
they’re right inside of us, but we can make it right
if we demand better of ourselves
we can ensure that our nation will be made well

When You Don’t Know



don’t know what to write

I feel stronger and weaker

every single time

the world gets darker

hope sinks farther

and all the while I fail

at ever being normal

this obsession becomes regression

when I struggle so plainly

maybe I’m no good

maybe I’m no good

or maybe I struggle to do what I should

even when it’s in plain sight

struggle to stay within the lines

they pick and prod my mind

I want to be alone this time

but they don’t get it

some things can’t be quit

and they come back every time you cleanse

cause the only true cleanse

is the one of death

but who’s ready to do that