No more room to wonder, and no time left to think
The world is my cup, and I drink its tears
Down, deep down into the dried up crevices of the unsatisfied desire of youth
The young blood, the pervasive spirit
that I cannot quench writhes in agony
Each time a word is birthed
It is a joy to give life unto the world, yet
a harsh reminder of where it needs to be
I can see it clearly, but then another body is placed into rest, and I wonder if I’ll ever figure it out.
Maybe there’s nothing to figure out
Man is evil, the earth is under perpetual assault
But maybe there’s something to be uncovered in all the bloodshed
That men can be redeemed
and a star can be reborn


Only the misplaced comma in the middle
Never the end of the sentence
I don’t finish them
I exacerbate
Then wonder why I’m friendless
Counter point to the counter
I frame myself on every telephone pole
Yet forget to leave a callback number
I’m a brother from another mother
Of another species
In a whole different universe
Pardon me if I don’t get you
Because you sure as hell don’t get me
Why pretend
Just kiss and make up
I’m way up on my own high
These words under me will lift me up
Only to see me fall from the sky
And possibly die
Or be forever paralyzed in agony
Never too close, never too far away

Better To Burn

They never ask where I’m going
Only where I’ve been
And they never ask what it made me
Only that it made something
Maybe they don’t like it, maybe they do
It’s possible to be certain of your direction
All the while utterly confused
Incompetently confident in failure
Without a care in the world
About whether the world even cares
I find solace in being
The darkening galaxy as the backdrop
Of stars being born around me
I’d rather burn out than fade away
But my condition allows me to do neither
Just a miserable state of being too far ahead
And too far behind
All at the same time


The past doesn’t define you

These scars can beautify you

The memories don’t have to haunt you

And the night can do more to guide you

Than any ray of sunlight

More than any amount of luck

Or wishing upon a hundred stars

Because all those turn human intuition

into trivial whims

The amount of love in your heart

Good consciousness in your mind

Strength in your veins

And respect in your bones

Those are what drive us to victory

Anything Else

Bury you alive, they said
Or at least make her suffocate until dawn
Maybe they should’ve gazed a little longer
Because you don’t seem like everyone else
I see a fighter, a champion, and a human
Who can fall, who will fall, but always
And I mean always
Gets back up again
I’ve been gifted with your friendship
And to watch you grow each and every day
Is excitement beyond human measure
Tonight, I’m reminded of why I found you
And why I’m fond of you
I can’t measure your heart and soul
But I can hold it up to the darkness
To light my way trough the confusion
Of being alone, I thought I was
Surely there couldn’t be someone
Who wanted to do this with me
God I was wrong, so wrong
And I’ve never been so happy
You’re funny, you’re ecstatic
You’re charming, you’re lively
You’re just you
Please don’t be anything else


They left you
Left you in the dust
To swallow all the rage of a tormented sea
And perish you would, loving everything
And losing it all
They left you
To rock yourself out of the fever
The layers of fear, worry, hurt, and brokenness
Building inside of you, around you
You’re here, inside of the petrie dish
You can see them tinkering with your heart
Mesmerized by your curiosity and openness
To new people
It’s easy to abuse that which cannot say
And easier if they never know they can
Say no
But I say yes to you
Tonight and every night
I didn’t see what set you apart at first
But it was there, and we were there
Learning that we found ourselves more alike
Than the outside would suggest
The words come out hastily when I’m in love
But poetically when I know
That what I’m feeling is real
I used to fear the returned gaze
I used to fear what may happen
If someone ever cared for me back
But someone stirred my heart
And found my mind receptive
They changed it
You changed me
And I’ll love you forever
Because of it
Of us


I’m young, but I hardly associate with anything the young do
Okay, I am on Instagram
And Snapchat
But, the thought behind my ramblings bears weightier concepts, and asks you to consider far deeper outcomes than simply liking a funny post
Or over acknowledging an attractive model
My words ask you
to take off your mirrored shades, or take out your glass eye, and see my world as your world
Because it is
Hardly as humans do we see our existence
as a conglomeration of intelligent design

The Only

Mirages don’t mean something doesn’t exist
Simply that it doesn’t exist as nature presents it to you. Reflections are as much perspective driven as they are grounded in some sort of actuality
Some things we can’t see exist, but to
Our limited perspective seem, in fact, limited
We should stop looking at nature as if our eyes
are what make it whole, and look at it as if our eyes are one telescope out of a hundred million
Insignificant nods we direct towards humanity
in the vain name of peace and equality do little to pacify the injustice against not just each other
but the planet we live upon
We weren’t the first, and we’re not the only

The Others

Ignore me, I’m just going to go weep in this corner
Here, alone
The cold floor shocks my bare knees, but it would be more recognizable if I weren’t in so much pain
It’s never gotten this bad, or else I may have jumped last month
The memories are annoyances
Mere annoyances, but some nights
after pushing them as far as your mind will allow, you pull your finger from the plug
and shit goes everywhere
Uncontrollably, without regard for the life in the valley
Symbolic, seemingly, of how I’ve lived
Fitting then that I should die
in the way I killed others

Telling Me

Her arms wrap around me
Receding light reminds me of the promise in tomorrow
Light red trickles from her face; I’ve beaten her silly in the pessimistic anger of my frail humanity
Somehow, she finds the will to embrace me in all of my filth
I hate that I’m like this
I hate that I love the chase in hunting the barely alive
Somehow it pleases me to know there’s something more conscious than I, and to feed upon it makes me powerful
Fuck. I’m acting cynical again, bloodthirsty really
These waves of calculating indiscretion come over me and I have no control
I see the dead fill the streets in my dreams, and my knives ran through them all
What am I telling you? What are they telling me?