Your Lover

Damn, I wish

I was

Your lover

Your resurgent breath over the highest hill

Your innocent moan in the night’s pleasure

Your beacon when the armies draw nigh

Your chariot when roads swarm with death

Your hope with heaven turns blind eyes

And your fire when reminder is needed

That hell burns much hotter

So love me here, love me now

Before the heretics come

and strip away my joy


The Plan (For Me?)

Stoke my ashes

Stir my mother fucking heart

Try to move something, anything

Prove to me I am alive


Breathless, weary from moving mountains

Only to watch them topple on top of them

I am fire, I am unworthy foe

Match found neither in heaven beneath

Or hell above

Dashing, maddening, and forever wanting

Love I cannot see

And a future I cannot hold

I grow faint not from wishing for death

But life bringing me ever closer to it

Yet at a pace my soul cannot fathom

Destiny arrives all the same, so bring it now

Unless there’s a plan for me

For me


Once prickled senses

Now numbed with screens

Men in metal suits uplifted, saviors

Behind microphones and secret names

True knights of truth hide in the shadows

Afraid of what roundtables may do

Somewhere, nestled in the thicket

Baby birds screech, messengers

Of the impending apocalypse

Nobody listens

Tune them out with lawnmowers

Sound systems

And the droll of our misery and misfortune

Something’s stirring underneath my skin

Electromagnetic currents have me slave

To power structures of greed and malaise

And when the cord is pulled

Do we go out? Do we flicker and whimper?

My disservice to country is a rally cry

To forever serve the universal family

There’s someone wanting to trip the switch

Overload our sensory boards with truth

Stretched Thin

Stretch me, across borders

Divisions of church and state

Farmland and industrious city

From the tips of Appalachia

To the Sydney funnel web’s quiet den

Amongst the hottest depths

And the most unimaginable heights

Is a connectedness that has no signal

Registers no bars on our devices

Yet is the reason we can fight

every negative thought

There is no single demon raising hell

But millions of angry thoughts

Trillions of wayward glances

And billions of careless actions dumped

Onto the unsuspecting infinity

I don’t have a cry, I have the silent whisper

Of a kid forced into adulthood

Because the world can wait

Doing good, though

Has no age requirement


Guess I never did deal with my dad

Being an addict

No rehearse just malice

Practice? Never, but quick with callous envy

Sought to strike me down, simmer my mind

Freewill to see the pain and change the time

Never understood why he hated me so

Now I’m older, I admire the courage I owned

I take aim at villains, decimate their thrones

Despots who sleep innocent blood die

I could’ve walked down the same dead road

Slithering my lips into pink crevices

Lost in a smoky cloud of eternal slavery

Those genes still exist in me

The ability to snap

And kill


I’m the monster you never wanted to face

But I’ve tamed it, docile and benevolent


To You

To my relatives

Long dead

Buried beneath the mounds

Of a country

Who never saw them as human

Only insufficient articles on a scale of pain

To my contemporaries

Young and vigilant

Yet perpetually worked against

Big suits in the Republican aisle

Always first to the buffet, and first again

For seconds

But give me a third of an inch

With scraps of a pen

And I will make galaxies unbeknownst to man


We are all family

So I fight with the power of neutron stars

Because if I can’t save my beloved

Be damned sure I’ll avenge them

After The Music Stops

Too often we’re appreciated

Long after the music stops

She was brave, beautiful, and by the way

As if our sexuality is a cherry on top

Of their first come, first served microcosm

Self deficient form of news

We always, and I mean always


Cause they give us a month

And a flag

But if we have no life to enjoy

And ground to call home

What good are monuments?

Poured upon us sanctimonious tokens

Only to be told the bus is full

Am I the only one?

I know I’m not the only one

But, damn, they do a good job

Of making it seem so


Remiss if the fight was given up

Flickering shadows light ink blot dreams

Attic window is telescopic probe into love

Sundown ends temperamental carnality

Sleep carries waters over restless soul

Needing more of that life, less of this one

Dark haired cryptic peeks for blood

Pretty lips spew rhetoric peers consume

One chooses singularity over unity

For Naught

It’s for naught, frankly

When I wrote for you, and I

Felt emptied of soul and solace

Just to bring a little shade to you

Were you drier? Happier?

I wanted you to be, I thought I could satisfy

Such a pitiable try

All I did was delay inevitable pain

My particleboard roof came crashing in

Truth is, I couldn’t carry you through

The valley, between sensual and suicide

The highs and lows of our minds didn’t align

I was going to bed, leaving you alone

To dream of someone who would always be


And then, even now, I think of you

Wondering not if you’re thinking of me

What we should have been

But if you’re thinking now, breathing, now

If you’re happier now

I wanted you to be happy

No Trust, Liar

Background music doesn’t disturb me

I still write like the poet I am

Think like the man I want to be

Through the memories, they don’t fail

To misunderstand why she gave up

Boys can’t see, but man can feel the struggle

No trust, liar

and I failed to pack a punch

Some days forgive, but years beat the drum

My notes are mellow, my song is drunk

Every single message regretted and love

Undone, even though the line can be rung

The bell is shattered, the beach is overrun

My D-Day happens everyday, unscathed

Is my body, bullet-ridden, Swiss cheese mind

I have no love from God, man, or time

They’re all after me, my breath, my check

And I just hit 20, by 35 gonna hit the deck

The life just takes my soul, have I got any left?

My words don’t revive just compromise

My lies don’t rejuvenate just emasculate

The beast within, till it’s tired of my puny body

Escaping to somewhere I wish to follow

For now, this grave is where I wallow